Kisaani Zindabad - Long Live Farming

Kisaani or Farming has been the backbone of Panjab. The fertile lands and the labor of it's people, gave it the title of being the 'bread basket of India'.

Unfortunately for the last 70+ years, the people of Panjab have been systemically oppressed and treated unfairly. As we speak, the Farmers of Punjab are on the brink of extinction. For the first time in the history of South Asia, millions of people are protesting the unjust farming laws passed by the government of India.

This work celebrates the unity of our people and hopes for a better future for Punjab. 

Kisaani Zindabad - Long Live Kisaani 

Profits will be donated to Khalsa Aid India and Farmers Debit Relief.
Printed on Unisex Gildan long sleeve tees. Classic fit.

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